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Form Editor

The form editor can be opened by clicking 'Make' and then listing 'Form'. Then click on the edit icon for the form you want to edit.

Edit Tab

In the Edit Tab you are presented with a large field titled 'form_data'. This is a free-text input. Carriage returns don't matter but they make it clearer. Tabs
Forms are divided into tabs. The tab is defined with a tab command,like this:

Don't forget the colon and the semicolon. These are needed by the system to parse the command. If you don't use tab commands, then everything will be placed in the Edit tab by default.

Fields Under each tab is one or more fields. The field definition is a set of variables separated by commas and finished with a semicolon.Like, for example, this: In order, the contents of the field definition are: Some notes about each of these:
- name - any text string will work; illegal characters will be removed. Note that in the actual database each field name is prefixed with the table name (eg., 'post_title' for 'title'), but this is done automatically, so you don't have to do this. For fields of type 'keylist' the name is the name of the table being linked to this table vis the graph.
- type - can be: int, varchar, text, wysihtml5, yes-no, optlist, keylist. Note that an 'optlist' is a set of predefined options, defined in the optlist table. Also, 'wysihtml5' is like text but includes an HTML editor.
- size - for varchar, int and yes-no it's the number of characters. For text and wysihtml5, this defines the editor size (in ems), eg. '20x5'. For optlist you don't need to specify a size.
- default - is the default value for the field, though honestly, I hardly ever use it.
- label - the label that will appear beside the field; useful for optlist and yes-no fields where you can't see the name of the field
Again, the punctuation is essential, otherwise you'll get weird forms.

Here is a sample form definition (actually used for the 'Post' table):
Make, Find and Read
Select these to determine whether the table shows under any of the Make, Find and Read tabs in the left-hand navigation pane. Note that not selecting at least one of these will make your new table a lot harder to use in the future. So select, at the very least, 'Make', until you are done with it.

Table Tab

This provides access to the table definition itself. Edit any field by clicking on the Edit icon (at the far right). Create a new field at the bottom of the form.

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