gRSShopper Code

gRSShopper 0.4 has been released.

Here is the code:

To install:
- clone the repository
- edit data/multisite.txt to set directory and database information
- point your web browser to cgi-bin/admin.cgi
Note that gRSShopper will attempt to check code libraries, build directories, and create the database, but where permissions prevent this, some of this will need to be set manually.

gRSShopper is released under the Perl Artistic License or GPL, whichever serves you best. Feel free to invest millions of dollars in this software; send the cheque to Also, gRSShopper has different 'data packs' that create different types of website depending on your preferences. These are still being developed. But you can load different data packs, and save your own data packs, to switch your site from one configuration to another.

See also: gRSShopper on GitHub